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About Sara & Angelique Dagrés

After two decades as a highly respected publicist in the beauty and lifestyle industry, Sara has earned her product knowledge stripes. From representing award-winning medispas and health brands to campaigning for renowned natural skincare ranges and luxury makeup lines, Sara’s expert knowledge of the beauty industry gave her the courage to give her unique product concept wings.

“I know that a good product must firstly be authentic,” says Sara. “It must be effective, appealing and pure in equal doses. So that’s what I set out to deliver. Angel Wings lip balms are the first in a series of organic products that serve a dual purpose: they’re just as beautiful for mammas as they are loved by daughters.”

Sara’s daughter, Angelique, is 9 years old and relishes time with her mum. “She was literally walking in my shoes before she even started school!” laughs Sara. “We share that unshakeable bond that millions of mothers and daughters around the world can identify with. I’m a big believer in nurturing that connection so that it lasts forever.”